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Meraki Family Wellness

Cultivate Life Long Health

Our mission is to provide comprehensive support for mental and physical health through the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine and Holistic Healthcare . 



 This ancient system of healing looks at your physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects to help you heal. Acupuncture, herbs, laser, homeopathies, food, and exercise are used to help you heal. 

Functional Testing 

 Our comprehensive approach includes in-depth testing, such as blood, hair, urine and stool analysis. This helps us to identify the root cause of your health problems and create customized treatment plans that work with your body, mind and spirit.


This bioenergetic way of testing is another way to take a look at what is going on within your body & uses your innate wisdom to decided what's important to treat now.


Here to support you 24/7 or if you don't live in Scottsdale! Use my app for Acupressure and Neurosensory Integration exercise. New stuff added monthly!

Licensed Acupuncturist
Kiya Hunter

Hey there, I'm Kiya, and I've been immersed in the world of health since 2007. I truly believe in taking a well-rounded approach to well-being, touching on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your health journey.

My mission is all about helping you bring more peace and happiness into your world. If you're fed up with feeling stuck, dealing with health issues, and just plain frustrated, and you're ready to kickstart a lifelong journey to wellness, you've found the perfect spot to start. Let's get going!



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"Kiya is simply amazing! Doing acupuncture with her is my favorite thing to do. She's so knowledgable, smart, kind, attentive, and cares so much about the healing of her clients. I have recommended her to so many and always feel instant healing when I'm on the table getting a treatment. So grateful to her!"



Nicole M. | Google Review

"Kiya is a miracle worker!!! She has blessed my family in more ways than one. She has helped replenish my breast milk supply and managed my stress by taking care of a plethora of things my infant son was experiencing. My son is doing better than imagined because of Kiya! I cannot recommend her enough!"



Kendall V. | Google Review

"Will never go anywhere else! As soon as anyone in our household shows a sign of sickness we call Kiya. She is so great with our kids. We have seen her for cupping, acupuncture and wellness advice. We highly recommend Kiya!"



Ashley W. | Google Review

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