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Nervous System Dysregulation 

Do you feel overwhelmed by the world? Do you feel hypersensitive to textures, noise, light, or other people? Are you always on guard and worried about how situations will drain your energy? Do you avoid doing things you enjoy for fear of being overwhelmed or caught off guard? Your nervous system may have trouble processing the world around you which makes the world hard to handle. 

We come up with a plan to balance out your brain/body connection and be able to take on what the world has to give! 

Treating Dysregulation with Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Acupuncture uses your nervous and myofascial systems to communicate with your brain. This helps put you in a rest and digest state instead of a flight/fight/freeze/fawn state which allows the brain to better process information and gives the body a chance to rest and heal.

Working directly with your nervous system makes it more resilient and you're able to relax and process. We've seen our patients start handling stress better, have their nervous system shift out of high sensitivity, and even heal past and current emotional hurts. 

We focus on your individual needs to find the best plan for you to start feeling more at peace. 

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