Our Core Programs 

Aging with Grace 

If you want to stay active your entire life and look good doing it, this plan is for you. The top goals are

  • Keep you out of pain- this includes arthritis, headaches, weather sensitive pain, ect

  • Help you recover from exercise, injury, or surgery quickly

  • Keep your metabolism up  

  • Keep your muscles strong and flexible

  • Help your age lines & face glow 

  • Keep your mind alert & active  

  • Prevent chronic disease the best we can 

  • Keep you independent 

Whole Healing 


This program is designed for those who have gone through emotional distress, trauma, adverse childhood experiences, & suffer with unexplained pain & health problems. (Note this is acupuncture, herbs and supplements. Not talk therapy. I highly recommend you see a therapist while doing this program).

Top goals are

  • Get your body out of fight/flight/freeze

  • Reclaim your body 

  • Manage anxiety & depression

  • Process trauma stored in the body that is impacting your health 

  • Help insomnia 

  • Improve self-worth 

  • Stop feeling broken 

  • Manage stress

  • Heal the relationship with yourself 

  • Heal the gut mind connection 

Lovely Lady 

This program is designed for all things being a lady. 

The goals are

  • Fertility support 

  • Pregnancy support

  • Lactation support

  • Postpartum healing 

  • Everything period related

  • Sex/libido 

  • Menopause 

  • Cancer treatment support 

  • Teenage period, stress, skin